Barska Review │ Why Choose Barska Safes?

Guns are owned for a variety of reasons, but in most cases for hunting and protection. Unprecedented gun sales in recent years (due in part to unsettled social conditions) mean that more households than ever possess firearms, and this means that the possibility that an accident could occur has gone up as well. No one wants to see a family member or friend wounded because a gun was accessible to the wrong person.

Likewise, the fact that guns are the most coveted of items for thieves to steal, will tell you that firearms should be safely locked away when not in use. Closets, shelves, or drawers are not secure receptacles for guns; what is needed is a gun safe, and Barska biometric gun safes provide the very latest in technology to protect your firearms and your family.

Barska Biometric Gun Safe Review │ How Barska Brings The Evolution In Security?

Depending on the model, anywhere from 30 to 120 individual identities can be programmed into a Barska biometric safe.

How Barska Has ‘Upped’ The Security Level Of Safes?

Locks have been used throughout mankind’s history to try to keep valuables out of the hands of criminals. Until fairly recently, the only locks available were combination locks or key locks.

While these locks will work well, they do have several disadvantages: key locks can be picked, a good safecracker can figure out the combination simply by turning the dial, and the key or written-down combination can be found.

Most people will also write down the combination for a digital keypad safe, once again raising the possibility that it will be located and used. Barska biometric safes, on the other hand, rely upon your fingerprint to open the safe – no one except those whose fingerprints have been programmed into the safe’s memory will be able to open the safe.

Another advantage to a Barska biometric gun safe is the rapidity with which it can be opened; rather than fumbling around with a combination, key, or keypad, a swipe of your finger will open the safe immediately. This will be especially important when home protection is required.

Choosing Barska Biometric Safe That Is Perfect For You

The Barska biometric gun safe that you choose will depend upon what type of firearms you own. A relatively small gun safe will be appropriate if you only have one pistol, but if you own several handguns and rifles or shotguns, you will definitely want a safe capable of storing your collection comfortably.

  • Whether you want this gun safe for home or office, the Barska Top Opening Biometric Drawer Safe can let you get to your handgun in seconds. When installed in a drawer, this safe is completely undetectable, only you and those who have access to the safe will know where it is concealed. 

This would be the perfect safe to install in a drawer of your bed stand or in a table next to where you sit in the living room – your gun would be there should you need it. You can program up to 30 fingerprints in the safe’s computer, and many people use several of their fingers to make certain they will be able to open the safe when they need to.

  • The Barska Large Biometric Safe, AX11560, has an interior dimension of almost 1 ½ cubic feet. This Barska gun safe is perfect for storing multiple handguns. The shelves are removable, but if left in will provide adequate space not only for pistols, but for other valuables. Heavy bolts engage on 3 sides of the door, and the included hardware for mounting means that no one will be able to simply carry the safe off.
  • The Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is the perfect choice when you want to have your rifle handy should you need it, but also keep the children safe. This rifle safe can hold up to 4 long guns, and has a shelf for a handgun and/or ammunition. The biometric fingerprint lock lets you get into the safe instantly, and the warning ‘beep’ can be turned off. 

Backup keys are included, as is mounting hardware for fixing your Barska Rifle Safe to the wall or floor. Barska makes a line of biometric safes perfect for handguns, and has recently added one for rifles and shotguns. A Barska biometric safe will allow you to keep your pistol near your bed or in any room you wish.

Pre-drilled holes will allow you to bolt the safe to the wall, shelf, or floor, so it cannot simply be picked up and carried off. These safes are simple to program, and will allow you to add up to 120 fingerprints, depending on the model. These safes will give you quick access to your firearms when you need it.

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